domingo, enero 24, 2010

seguid avanzando

ya me siento capaz de follar escuchando al que se muerde los carrillos.
ya soy intolerante con los que no saben llorar.
ana ya es totalmente caótica, y eva baila con ella, lejana.

y el amor es un tipo intentando ducharse con una alcachofa llena de cal y con los botes de champú casi vacíos

viernes, enero 22, 2010


starting everything is better. wasting my time on nonsenses is like beeing free of nothing. Against nobody, behind nobody, in front of nobody; but, of course, being nobody. To be a mister nobody in a nobody-land, in the land where everybody could be nobody in every moment, is dangerous... why? ok, you can´t be somebody, you mustn´t be somebody, because somebody could result an enemy, and a enemy is someone who you don´t wanna be like him.
So, little girl, be nobody, and do things like nobody does: eat chips like nobody eats, kill beautifull persons like nobody kills, feel the sorrow (not the pain, the sorrow) like nobody in this city feels, feel, like the sorrow, the pleasure like nobody feels, give pleasure like nobody gives ... and a lot of sentences that you don´t mind, little girl.

Be a nobody for me tonight